Are you a personal trainer, gym owner, or fitness/yoga studio owner? 
This is for you.

Qualify for our 'Automated Member Magnet System'

Hi! It's Christina & Filippo. We're the Founders of Black Paw and we wanted to thank you for your interest in working with us to help you grow your fitness business. Please take a look around this page, take a look at the results, our process, and if all sounds well, we'd love to chat with you to see if we'd be a good fit together.

Our guarantee to you? 150 high quality leads or we work for free until 150 leads are generated + we'll mail you a $500 check.

(It's a win-win scenario. Basically – we took the 'risk' out of working with a marketing company. If we suck, you still win)

See What Others Are Saying...

Gym Owner/Personal Trainer Closes Over $15K Within 4.5 Weeks & $600 Ad Spend.

"I’ve been in the business for 6 years so I’ve gone through a few agencies, and you guys are definitely the best. It’s crazy to me how many are booking appointments. It’s people that by the time they walk in my door, from what they’ve seen with the landing pages they’re already ready, they’re prequalified & they’re ready to get started so it’s making the sales process just amazing.” – Lindsay G."

Gym Owner Generates 
$37,800 In 1 Month

"They brought in a total of 72 leads which is very significant in terms of revenue... 63 of those booked, and a total of 44 new joiners. They in total brought in $37,800 in AUD. That was a 1 month campaign." 
- Jacob Awad, Plus Fitness

Yoga Studio Owner Gains 40% More New People Coming To Studio

“We have seen really great results... The most important thing is how many people are coming through the studio and that number has been up by over 40% since Black Paw has been involved with us and that is the most important thing I can think of as a yoga studio owner.” – Jimmy Yax

Imagine having a marketing team at your fingertips that allowed you to...

🚫Never rely on free 6 week challenges
🚫Never rely on cheap (or free) intro offers that attracts low quality leads or 'tire-kickers'
🚫Never have to rely on word of mouth, referrals, networking events, or Groupon
🚫Never have to chase down & practically beg your leads to come in because they're unresponsive
🚫Never worry where your next member is going to come from
🚫Never worry about your attrition rate being greater than your new members
✅Have a lead generation system that pulls in new members & clients consistently
✅Attract high quality leads with a higher priced offer
✅Have your leads schedule themselves on your calendar & purchase their own intro offers... because they're PUMPED & primed from your ads & landing pages
✅Grow your fitness business with predictability & systems
✅Adopt a proven sales process & have your team trained by us
✅Work with a team that's going to be with you every step of the way, at your right hand, cheering you on as we accomplish your goals together

"It is amazing how hands on you guys are with the marketing! My other ads team before would just run the ad and never follow up with anything, and I can definitely tell a difference in quality with these leads. As far as my investment with you, it's already paid off within a few weeks and I still have several months with you!” – Lindsay G.

"Let's say I schedule a call with you guys... What's next?"

Great question. On the call, we're going to qualify you to see if we'd be a good fit. Things we look at are your brand reputation, your goals, your current situation, your ability to invest an amount that realistically meets your goal, your sales process, your ability to take on more leads + members, & more. We do this to make sure we're not wasting anyone's time, effort or money. 

If you qualify, within days we'll build systems around –

Lead Generating Member

Working with different brands all across the world, in different demographics, with different offers, we've narrowed it down to a process that works immediately upon launching. 

Sales Training + Proprietary Lead Management System

We'll give you the sales scripts all of our clients use to get 90% booking rate and 90% show up rate and with our lead management system, 95% of sales process is automated. All you really have to do is show up for the scheduled call/appointment

Follow Up/Nurture 

We'll build a follow up/nurture sequence for those leads that go against the grain and don't schedule and show up like the rest of them do. This'll help to further automate that follow up process so that you or your team don't have to sit there chasing down leads.

If you're thinking, "well I've done all of this before, what makes you guys different?"

There's a long technical answer, and then there's a short answer. Short answer is: 
There's a reason our motto is #ExperienceTheDifference. You'll know within days that you're dealing with a new quality & level of service. There's a reason we have clients that have stayed for 3+ years.

Imagine a member acquisition machine for your business like this... 👇

Would you say investing $1200 into Facebook marketing...
to close $17,000 in return is a good investment?

If your message inbox isn't full of leads texting 

& your email inbox isn't full of new inquiries like this....

Say Goodbye to a dry pipeline.... and "Hello" to consistent new sales & members 

This is your defining moment. 
Are you ready to grow?

We don't work with everyone, we only work with those we're 100% confident we can help. But rest assured if you qualify for our program we will completely change the game for your business.

P.S. If you currently...

- Don't have a consistent, steady, predictable stream of leads coming in daily
- Spend more than $10 per lead
- Don't have a solid sales process that then brings those leads into your doors, versus just remaining leads
- Have trouble closing leads into becoming members
- Have no idea what you're doing when it comes to marketing for your business, or just don't have the time
- Have no time or extra money laying around to deal with agencies that don't know what they're doing
- Are ready to actually see a change in your life and business...

I promise, this is for you.

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